Let’s talk about eternal love. Fernando di Luca was a young man from a small fishing village on the Italian east coast when, in a hotel lobby, he met Swedish Louise. He fell in love, and it was the kind of love that made Fernando eat meatballs and herring. Of course, he longed for olive oil, and so it became the family business: importing olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sun dried tomatoes,  Parmesan cheese, prosciutto, salami and Italian bread – all the items Fernando needed for his antipasto.

For years, our photographer Lina Eriksson has been taking the appetizing pics of Zeta products. The long collaboration between di Luca and Eriksson has led to innumerable beautiful ads and campaigns, which, like this new one, are often styled by Liselotte Forslin/Söderberg agentur.

Speaking of eternal love, it’s not uncommon for olive trees to be over 1,500 years old. In Ancient Greece (about 2,500 years ago), olive trees were sacred and cutting them down was prohibited. People around the Mediterranean Sea have been enjoying olive oil and its health benefits for thousands of years.

Beat that, if you can, corny diets selling millions of books even though no one can stick to them for more than a week.